1. Doodle “obstacles”. Think shape and color
  2. Doodle your “dream life”, whatever that means to you.
  3. Think of the phrase, “listen to your body”. Draw what comes to mind.
  4. Foods that start with the letter “C”.
  5. What is in your emotional first aid kit? Think of what helps you when you’re feeling down.
  6. Create a Mandala, starting with a circle in the middle of the page. Mindfully breathe during this process.
  7. Think about the phrase, “recovery is a barn raising”. In an image, what does that mean to you?
  8. Think about the quote, “The price of love is the agony of loss”. Doodle it.
  9. Doodle using the colors of autumn.
  10. “Fly me to the moon” (Think of rockets, the moon, spaceships, etc.)
  11. Doodle your superstitions.
  12. Doodle only using closed shapes (Think triangles, circles, squares, trapezoids). Fill them with your favorite colors.
  13. In am image, what does the feeling of grief and loss look like to you? Doodle it.
  14. Think of the phrase, “winds of change”. Draw them.
  15. Doodle some imaginary creatures.
  16. Use a medium other than pencil/pen (paint, newspaper and glue, coffee, charcoal).
  17. Think of the phrase, “My cup is full” and draw what that means to you.
  18. Use the page and fill it completely with “nature” (animals, flowers, vines, water, trees, etc.). Leave no white space.
  19. Fill the entire space with spirals. Use color.
  20. Doodle your favorite season of the year.
  21. Think of the phrase, “There is always tomorrow”, doodle what comes to mind.
  22. Draw what if feels like to be “boxed in”.
  23. Draw your ultimate bucket list.
  24. Draw an animal that represents who you are.
  25. Doodle images inspired by the word “resilience”.

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